Blog from December, 2011

Britton Smith, a postdoc at Michigan State University's department of Physics and Astronomy, was interviewed in Floss for Science Thursday, December 29th.  The interview discusses Smith's development of the yt Project, a toolkit which helps create a common language among astrophysical simulation codes and data.  The project was started in 2006 to simplify and organize computational data from one single simulation code; today, yt supports eight different codes and has an estimated 108 users.  Yt is continuously being updated and revised, and researchers are currently working on incorporating unsupported simulations into the project.  Full interview can be found on the Floss for Science website.

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C. Titus Brown, professor and bioinformatics specialist at Michigan State University, was interviewed in the New York Times Thursday, December 1. Brown comments on the Human Microbiome Project, whose focus is sequencing the genomes of microbial populations found in the human digestive tract. The sequencing and analysis of these genomes presents many challenges to scientists, particularly the massive amounts of raw data it generates. Presently, complete analysis of this data is not possible but work being done at Michigan State University, in particular Dr Brown in the field of bioinformatics and supercomputing, may produce an efficient solution to this dilemma. The article is available on the New York Times website.

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