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On 1-20-18 a single drive failed on Ufs-13-a which caused other drives on the same controller to become unresponsive.  The file system became unresponsive for approximately an hour and then our high availability system moved the data pool over to Ufs-13-b.  As a result a very small amount of files, approximately 20, that were being written at the time of the failure were lost.  At this time home directories on ufs-13-a will not be able to mount to your local system unless you are using sshfs.  Included below is a link on mounting a drive with sshfs. 

We will be working with our vendor to investigate what caused the failure and how this can be avoided in the future.  

On Tuesday January 30th at 7am we will be taking the data pool offline for both Ufs-13-a and Ufs-13-b to resume normal operations.

This maintenance will last about one hour, during which all users and research spaces on these storage systems will be unavailable.

Mapping HPC drives with SSHFS

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