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This section provides Bioinformatics users with helpful tutorials covering several different aspects of performing data analysis and handling on the HPCC systems not covered elsewhere within this wiki.  For general systems information (including hardware, the basics of job submission, etc.) please refer to the HPCC User Documentation.

ANGUS Tutorials

The ANGUS Tutorials section is based upon the "Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing Data" course developed by Titus Brown.  While the original set of ANGUS tutorials covered several forms of Bioinformatics analysis using the Amazon Cloud, this revised and augmented version recalibrates instructions for the HPCC system.  Topics include BLAST, Bowtie, Samtools, matplotlib visualization, Meme and several other common informatics tools.

Go to the HPCC ANGUS tutorials. 

iCER Tutorials

Specific examples related to running Bioinformatics tools on the HPCC, created by iCER staff.

External Tutorials

Useful tutorials not developed by iCER staff, but good resources nonetheless.