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A module manages environment variables needed to load a particular piece of software. The login process loads a few modules by default for HPCC users. The modules include the GNU compilers, the OpenMPI communication library, MATLAB and R.

To see a list of modules that are currently loaded:

module list

To search what modules are available to be loaded:

module avail

To see the entire list of all modules:

module spider

To find out if a particular software is in the list of all modules:

module spider <software_name>

To check how to load a particular version of a software

module spider <software_name>/<version>

To load a module:

module load <module_name>

To unload a module:

module unload <module_name>

To swap a module:

module swap GNU Intel

To see what environment variables would be set/changed if you load a specific module:

module show <module_name>

To load a modulefile in a non-standard directory:

module use <path_to_module>
module load <modulename>

For more information about Lmod module system, please refer to the documentation web site.

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