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      To connect to HPCC system using command lines, please make sure you have the required software installed in your local computer. Please check Install SSH Client to see the requirement.

Access to HPCC Gateway

      Please open the SSH client in your local computer and run ssh command. In the opened terminal, simply type

ssh -XY <username>

and hit enter in the window, where <username> should be your HPCC account name.

      Once you establish a connection, SSH will prompt you for your password. Please type the password of your MSU NetID. There will show nothing of your password typing. However, keep finishing your password and hit enter. Once logging into the gateway node, you should see the welcome messages:

 ➤ ssh -XY <username>
Last login: Tue Oct 13 15:20:07 2018 from staff-np-dhcp-76.staff-np
                 __ _____ _____ ____      __  __ ____  _____ _____
                /_// ___// ___// _  ;    / /_/ // _  ;/ ___// ___/
               / // /__ / _/_ / _,.'    / __  // _,.'/ /__ / /__
              /_//____//____//_//_!    /_/ /_//_/   /____//____/

          Welcome to Michigan State's High Performance Computing Center
                    ** Unauthorized access is prohibited **

    For GPU development please use green nodes.

          Development Nodes (usage)
    dev-amd20-v100 (low) dev-amd20 (low)
    dev-intel14-k20 (low) dev-intel14 (low)
    dev-intel16-k80 (low) dev-intel16 (low)
    dev-intel18 (low)
[username@gateway-00 ~]$

where the message lists all development nodes and their usage loads. Our gateway is only meant for entrance of HPCC system. You MUST log-in to a "development" computer (node) to do any further work. Please follow the section below to move to a development node.

NOTE: If you have problem with X11 forwarding, such as the error message "Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated", check your local machine's "config" file ($HOME/.ssh/config) setting. It should have lines like 

Host *
ForwardAgent yes
ForwardX11 yes
ForwardX11Trusted yes
XAuthLocation /opt/X11/bin/xauth

SSH to a Development Node

       To access a development (dev) node from gateway, please choose a node with low usage and type "ssh -X node-name" (if you are not using graphics or GUI software, you do not need the -X option). For example:

[username@gateway-00 ~]$ ssh dev-intel18
Last login: Fri Jul 6 11:09:41 2018 from gateway-00.dmz
This development node is intended for compiling, debugging, testing, and
short interactive jobs. Jobs that need to run longer than two hours should be
submitted to the queue. Long-running jobs on development nodes will be killed
without warning; jobs using excessive resources may be killed without warning.

Please see the following wiki page for further details:

[username@dev-intel18 ~]$

The prompt in your terminal should change and list the node you are currently logged into.  

All HPCC users can use development (dev) node for compiling code or testing software. To see the dev nodes and their specifications, please visit here.

Test X-Windows Server

      If your local computer has X-Windows installed (such as Xquatz, or mobaxterm ...) and you log into the nodes with -X option, you can test if graphical user interface (GUI) can work. On the command prompt of the login dev node, please type "xeyes" and hit enter:

[username@dev-intel14-phi ~]$ xeyes

You should get a separate window that displays a pair of eyes which follow the mouse around.

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