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Recent Announcements:

We are currently working with the vendor on two issues that are occurring with the home directory. 1) There are frequent pauses caused by a snapshot that can not complete.  This snapshot issue is a symptom of another issue which is not allowing a user to access a specific directory.  Once the issue is cleared the file system will stabalize 2) We are aware that quotas are currently not working properly and some files are being counted for more space in your quotas then the files actually occupy.…
Update: 7/11/19 8am: All Active and Idle users as well as research spaces have now been migrated. Update: 7/10/19 3:20pm: 2 active users continue to migrate and 1 research space continue to migrate.  Update: 7/9/19 4:20pm: 4 active users continue to migrate and 1 research space continue to migrate.  Update: 7/9/19 8:20am: 8 active users continue to migrate and 3 research spaces continue to migrate.  When this is complete we will be migrating ~15 inactive users.…
Update 6:30pm  The home filesystem is active and should be available on all systems. Scheduling has been resumed. At 3:30pm, ufs18 file system is gradually online. It is mounted on gateway, dev nodes (except dev-intel16) and some compute nodes. Users still need to wait until it is totally back in HPCC system. As of 11 am EDT the home file system is currently unavailable.  We are working with the vendor to correct the issue.…

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Obtaining HPCC accounts

Accounts must be requested by a MSU faculty member by filling out this form and existing MSU IDs are required. More information at

Buy-in options

If you want to have priority access to our clusters, you can purchase buy-in nodes.


If you have questions and couldn’t find answers in this documentation, please submit a ticket.

Walk-in helpdesk hours

Monday and Thursday, 1-2pm, Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building, Room 1440

Registration for HPCC workshops

Our monthly workshops cover introductions to Linux, HPCC, and some popular software tools. Check out our training website.


We encourage HPCC users to acknowledge iCER/MSU in publications arising from simulations performed on our resources. Let us know that we have been referenced, and we will link to your publication on our publication site, which will further increase the visibility of your work. A sample statement can be: "This work was supported in part by Michigan State University through computational resources provided by the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research."

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