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Obtain a HPCC account

      Every user needs to have an account to use HPCC system. If you do not have one, please follow the instruction to obtain one.

Install SSH Client

      In order to use HPCC system robustly by command lines, please read the instruction to have a SSH client and X11 server installed in your computer.

Connect to HPCC System

      Please read the instruction for how to use ssh command to connect to HPCC system through your SSH client.

Web Site Access to HPCC

      HPCC users can also access HPCC system simply by a web browser (no SSH client needed).

SSH Key-Based Authentication

      Typically, when someone uses a SSH client, that person needs to type a password for each new connection started. This can become bothersome if one is frequently making new connections or is in a situation where others may be physically present when the password is being typed. One alternative to typing the password so often is to use key-based authentication. There are several steps to setting up key-based authentication, but they are a one-time investment.

An SSH tunneling via multiple hops

      In some cases, you want to access dev nodes directly from your local machine (technically, you have to get through the gateway, but you don't have to ssh to a dev node manually with a tunneling). There are two ways to do that.

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