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      There are many software installed on HPCC system. It is very difficult to find a particular one and use it with correct environment setup without a module system. In order to manage the software and their dependencies systematically, we use the Lua-based Lmod module system which provides a convenient way to dynamically change the users' environment through module files. In the following section, we introduce the module commands for how to find and load (or unload) a software.

      Although many software are available in our system, users might still want to install more and build their own software and module system. Here, we recommend using EasyBuild. The program is helpful to build software and module system under user's home or research space. The system built by users can also work together with HPCC software and module system.

Common Module Commands
User Created Modules
Software Installation by EasyBuild
Compilers and Libraries
Using Version Control Systems

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