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      Python has a lot of packages, modules and libraries that researchers may want to use. However, it is difficult for HPCC to keep up with and avoid conflicts between different versions of packages and libraries. Users who need to use Python software and packages have following choices:

Using conda

Install their own version of Python through Anaconda in home or research space. This gives users full control on their preferred versions of python and packages. Isolated virtual environments can be created and controlled by conda environments.

Using Python in HPCC with virtualenv

By default, Python version 3.6.4 (compiled by GCC/6.4.0) is loaded and ready to use after logging into HPCC. More versions of Python can be found by running "module spider Python". Usually, several installed packages are available with a loaded python version. If users need their preferred packages, please install them in home or research space by virtual environments

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