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The HPCC has a Globus data transfer endpoint, msu#hpcc. This can be used to do large data transfers to/from your personal computer, to/from collaborators or to/from external HPC sites.  You can also use it to share data.

With Globus, you can create a transfer (to or from) between your computer and a folder on the HPCC which you have access to. This could be a folder in your home, research or scratch spaces.

You can also create Globus "shares" to your external colleagues. They can use youre created link to access the HPCC directory. You can not create a globus share on any folder in your home directory.  You can only share folders in scratch spaces or any research space you have access to.    

To use Globus Online, please perform the following steps:

  1. If you do not have a globus account, create one at
  2. Log into the MSU Globus Online portal, and set up a free Globus Online account.
  3. If you wish to use Globus to transfer data to/from your local computer, install the Globus Connect Personal tool.
  4. On the Globus Start Transfer page, enter msu#hpcc as the end point on one side. This will pull up an authentication window. Use your MSU NetID for the username, and your MSU NetID password for the passphrase. This will set up an authenticated session that will last as long as specified in the Credential Lifetime field, up to a limit of 2 weeks.
  5. Select and authenticate with the other endpoint for your transfer, and initiate your transfer. An example can be seen from How To Transfer Files with Globus.
  6. To share data in a HPCC folder accessible to you with other persons,  please check How To Share Data Using Globus.

More information about using Globus can be found on Data transfer and sharing using Globus or Globus support page.

A video tutorial is also available. (NOTE: this video might be outdated.)

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