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All course materials for iCER related trainings will be linked from this page.

Software/Data Carpentry Instructor Training - Preparation Instructions

Python Setup Instructions

Migration to 2018 New HPC System

Introduction to HPCC

iCER Workshops: Set Up Instructions

File Lists

Directions to iCER

2019-02-12 Introduction to Linux (Nanye Long)

2019-01-22 Introduction to HPCC on CentOS 7 the latest system (Nanye Long)

2019-01-17 Introduction to Linux - Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2018-12-11 Introduction to Linux - Xiaoge Wang

2018-11-29 Transition to Slurm

2018-11-06 R workshop (Nanye Long)

2018-09-17 SLURM (Nanye Long)

2018-09-06 Introduction to Linux (Xiaoge Wang)

2018-08-23 Introduction to HPCC

2018-08-21 Introduction to Linux (Nanye Long)

2018-05-25 Introduction to HPC : REU 2018

2018-05-17 Intronduction to HPCC

2018-05-10 Introduction to Linux (Nanye Long)

2018-04-18 Gaussian on HPCC

2018-01-23 R workshop (Nanye Long)

2018-01-18: Introduction to MSU's HPCC ( Pat Bills)

2018-01-16: Introduction to Linux -- Xiaoge Wang

2017-12-12 Introduction to Linux (Nanye Long)

2017-11-09 R workshop (Nanye Long)

2017-10-18 Introduction to SQL

2017-10-11 Introduction to HPCC

2017-10-10 Introduction to Linux (Nanye Long)

2017-09-20 PC to HPC: Parallel Computing

2017-09-06 Introduction to Linux

2017-08-16 Introduction to Linux

2017-04-13 Introduction to HPCC, Patrick Bills

2017-02-15 Introduction to HPCC

2017-01-24 PC to HPC: Parallel Computing

2016-11-02 Introduction to SQL

2016-10-27 HPCC Topics: Running & Managing Jobs

2016-10-18 Introduction to HPCC

2016-10-13 Intro to Linux

2016-09-21 PC to HPC: Parallel Computing, Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2016-09-13 Intro to Linux

2016-09-13 CSM 956

2016-08-17: Fundamental Issues that influence the Thinking and Practice of Computation- Based Research, Xiaoge Wang

2016-05-11 Introduction to HPCC

2016-04-14 : Intro to Git

2016-04-13 PC to HPC Part III: Parallel Computing with Matlab, Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2016-04-11 Introduction to Linux/Unix

2016-03-17 Introduction to HPCC

2016-03-01 Introduction to SQL

2016-02-25 Computational Quantum Chemistry Tools

2016-02-24 PC to HPC Part II: Parallel Computing with OpenMP, Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2016-02-10 R on HPCC, Patrick Bills

2016-02-04 Introduction to Linux/Unix, Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2016-02-03 Intro to Big Data, Sharan Kalwani

2016-01-27 PC to HPC Series Part1: Parallel Computing, Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2016-01-25: RNA-Sequencing Tools, Dr. Amanda Charbonneau, Dr. William Pitchers & Dharanya Sampath

2016-01-21 Introduction to Git, Dr. Yongjun Choi

2016-01-19 Introduction to HPCC, Patrick Bills

2016-01-14 Introduction to Linux, Dr. Xiaoge Wang

2016-01-07 Introdution to Python, Sharan Kalwani

2015-11-12 Introduction to HPCC

2015-11-11 Intermediate Shell Scripting, Dr. Yungjun Choi

2015-11-10 Introduction to Linux/Unix

2015-10-14 Introduction to HPC - FOR870

2015-10-13 Introduction to HPCC

2015-10-01: Genome Mapping and Variant Analysis, Dharanya Sampath

2015-09-29 Introduction to SQL

2015-09-24 Making Your Research Go Faster:Advanced Topics in HPCC

2015-09-23 Intro to ICER-HPCC for CSE 491

2015-09-21: RNA-Sequencing Tools

2015-09-10 Introduction to HPCC

2015-09-08: Introduction to HPCC

2015-08-24 VSCSE - Science Visualization Agenda

2015-06-29 - Introduction to HPCC

2015-05-13: Introduction to Python

2015-05-12 Introduction to HPCC at MSU

2015-04-16 Advanced Scheduling Tips and tricks

2015-04-01: Intro to Shell scripting

2015-03-19: Introduction to Python

2015-03-18: Introduction to HPCC

2015-03-05 Advanced Shell Scripting

2015-03-03 Introduction to Command Line

2015-02-26 Advanced Topics in HPCC

2015-02-24 Introduction to HPCC for Economists

2015-02-24: RNA-Sequencing Tools

2015-02-19 Unit Testing

2015-02-10: Introduction to Python