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To enable courses to be taught as effectively as possible, you will need to be able to log in to the HPCC server. If you do not have an HPCC account, please install the appropriate software before the workshop but you will not be able to test that it works before the class. Please try to come 10-15 minutes early to get a temporary account, and test that you can log in.

Connecting to the HPCC server via ssh

For Mac users Video

Install the latest version of Xquartz (which can be download from to support X11 applications running remotely.

Important: Test that it is working properly:

1. Open a terminal window, and type: ssh -XY (replace yournetid with your actual MSU NetID or the ID of your temporary class account)
2. Type your MSU NetID password or the password provided for the temporary account
3. You should now see a command prompt: $
4. Type: xeyes
5. ssh to one of the dev-nodes listed to do work.
You should get a separate window that displays a pair of eyes that follow the mouse around. If this works, you are all set. If this does NOT work, then try restarting your laptop and repeating the test above.

For Windows users Video

We recommend installing Moba Xterm "Home edition" ( Please download the "Installer edition" unless you are comfortable installing portable applications yourself. This program provides both an SSH client (command line) and an X-Windows server system for running Graphical User Interface programs remotely (X11).

To test that it is working properly, follow the same four steps above, after opening your Moba Xterm terminal.

Alternatively, you can set up the connection within Moba Xterm by:

Select New Session → SSH
default: yourNetID
port: 22
(type your msu password)

File transfer between your computer and the HPCC server

We recommend FileZilla, which works on both Windows and Mac computers.

For Windows users using Moba Xterm, you will not need to use FileZilla. This short video will walk you through file transfer on a Windows system using MobaXterm.

For Mac Users, download and install FileZilla client from and select your operating system version. Mac users will have to 'unzip' the file and move the application into your Applications folder.

To use, launch the program. In the top dialog boxes, enter:

(Username) <your username>
(Password) <your password>
(Port) 22

Then click connect or quickconnect. The first time you use this, you will have to accept the host certificate. Once connected, the left column displays files on your local computer, the right column displays files on HPCC. You can select the appropriate directories by double clicking through each tree. Files can be dragged and dropped from one column to the next. By dragging files from the left column to the right, you are uploading files to HPCC from your local computer. By dragging files from the right column to the left, you can download files from HPCC to your local computer.

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