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What is Condor?

Condor (http://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/) is a specialized resource management software that enables researchers at MSU to leverage idle computers for their compute-intensive jobs. At MSU, the computers in the union building are presently part of the Condor pool.

I am a user. Does Condor affect me?

Other than an increased power consumption and ambient heat that gets generated from running compute intensive jobs, users should not notice that their computer is part of a Condor pool. Presently, a computer in a computer pool is setup to run compute intensive jobs if there is no load or keyboard/mouse activity for over 30 minutes. If keyboard/mouse activity is detected, the condor manager saves the compute job to disk, and releases the resource back to the user.

I am a researcher. Can Condor help me?

Possibly! If you have compute-intensive jobs, we can help determine if your work flow fits better on the condor grid or using the hardware provided by HPCC. Please see the documentation.


I'm using a system in the computing labs at the Union building, but is unresponsive. Is it a condor problem?

Please contact the ATS help desk for support.

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