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User-specific information

This information is for users at Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University. Users with MSU NetIDs should disregard this information.

Contacting the HPCC for Help.

CMU Users: Please email cmichhelp@hpcc.msu.edu for help with the HPCC systems.

WMU Users: Please email wmichhelp@hpcc.msu.edu for help with the HPCC systems.

Changing your password:

First, connect to the HPCC using your credentials.  (For more information, see Connecting to the HPCC):

ssh userid@hpcc.msu.edu


Use the passwd command on gateway:

login as: chippewaCMICH
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
  * This gateway node is not meant for running jobs. It is only a gateway to
    other HPCC resources: dev-amd09 dev-gfx10
  * For interactive applications use the host dev-intel14:
  * For service status information, check http://servicestatus.msu.edu and
/usr/X11R6/bin/xauth:  creating new authority file /mnt/home/cmichtestCMICH/.Xauthority
cmichtestCMICH@gateway-00:~> passwd
Changing password for chippewaCMICH.
Enter login(LDAP) password:

Enter your old password.

New Password:

Enter your new password

Password limitations

External user passwords are limited to eight characters. The system will check the password for common problems and reject any insecure choices.

Reenter New Password:

Reenter your password.

LDAP password information changed for chippewaCMICH


It may take up to a hour for the password change to be propagated to all LDAP servers.

Using CMU nodes

Your account automatically has access to CMU nodes. The actual nodes assigned may vary depending on hardware availability.

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