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If you need to share large files with a collaborator, there are several ways to do so.

Transferring a few files on a one time basis 

If you need to transfer a few files to a collaborator off campus, MSU provides a resource for this.

FileDepot is a convenient and simple way to transfer files within Michigan State University or with colleagues outside the university. Please do not use FileDepot for the transfer of sensitive Institutional Data without first encrypting the files using these guidelines. If you are transferring sensitive Institutional Data within the University you may use FileDepot Internal.


Transferring multiple files or very large files

iCER is a Globus partner and therefore anyone at MSU can use Globus to transfer files to or from the HPC.  Globus is specifically designed for sharing large amounts of data.  To utilize this resource, we can create an account for you and get you up and running.

Transferring files with MSU collaborators

One way to share data with collaborators at MSU is to set up a shared research space.  This space is accessible to any one that you grant access to.  These files are also on the HPC, so you can run analyses using these files.

If the files are temporary and not sensitive, you can put them in /mnt/scratch let your collaborator know where they are and they will have access to them. 


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