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Comment: commented out all mention of VM services, becuase we don't seem to offer this


High-throughput Data Analysis

Genome Browsing & Short-Read Alignments

High-Level Biological Computation

  • Handling very large data sets
  • Working with data files in many different formats 
  • Using standard tools and custom scripts to
    sort and search these data
  • Cluster utilization
  • Genome browser setup & customization
  • Viewing reference data
  • Handling short-read alignments
  • Data parsing and manipulation
  • Algorithm optimization / tuning
  • Code customization
  • Adapting programs to utilize
    heavy-duty computational resources
  • Optimizing run speed

Pankaj A., Drosophila melanogaster

• Data parsing, analysis
• Python & perl scripting
• Cluster assistance
• Job optimization

Astrid V., Chlamydamonas reinhardtii

• GBrowse configuration
• Bowtie alignments
• Server setup and administration
• User training

Jackie D., Biological modeling

• Model optimization
• Cluster assistance
• Software configuration & installation

Virtual Machines

The HPCC now offers virtual machine (VM) services for select web-based bioinformatics tools.  Examples of VMs deployed by HPCC include:

VM instances of bioinformatics tools can be password-controlled, customized, and established for individual researchers or working groups.  Contact the HPCC for more information.

Database Services


HPCC offers MySQL services through its "db-01" internal host.  Database access is currently restricted to users needing analytical tool "backend" services, such as those required by OrthoMCL.  Data set size is limited however, and large permanent sets cannot be accommodated.  Postgres services are also available. Contact us for more information.