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  • HPCC users who do not have a buy-in account are given a 'general' SLURM account. The general account is limited to 500,000 CPU hours (30,000,000 minutes) and 10,000 GPU hours (60600,000 minutes) every year (from January 1st to December 31st) starting from 2021
  • There is no CPU or GPU hour limit if jobs use a buy-in account. If you have a buy-in account, your jobs will be run under that account by default, unless the manager of the buy-in account has chosen to opt-in (jobs submitted with the -A flag) instead of opt-out.
  • Users with general account can use the powertools command SLURMUsage to check their used CPU and GPU time (in minutes) and left CPU and GPU time (in hours):

    Code Block
    $ ml powertools               # run this command if powertools not loaded
    $ SLURMUsage
     Account             Resource  Usage(m)  Left CPU(h)  UserName
     general             CPU Time        0    500000.00   MSUNetID
                         GPU Time        0     10000.00   MSUNetID

    where the CPU usages of the user's general account is shown.

  • If users without a buy-in account needs more CPU or GPU time due to running out of the limits, they can request additional CPU/GPU hours by filling out the CPU/GPU Increase Request online form.