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Our home system is currently down due to an internal error in the storage system. Users may see 'Stale File Handle' errors on nodes or in jobs. We're working with the vendor to gather data and . No ETA on recovery yet.

14:00 - The home filesystem continues to be offline at this time, however, we are working with the vendor and anticipate a fix shortly. Another update will be provided at 14:30.

14:30 - A filesystem check is currently being run on home, after which we anticipate being able to bring the storage back online. Another update will be provided at 15:00.

14:45 - The filesystem check on home has completed and the storage is now back online. Please feel free to open a ticket if you experience any difficulties following the outage. 

15:15 - Some nodes continued to experience stale file handles, which have now been corrected across the cluster. Please open a ticket with any ongoing filesystem issues.